Obesity in the US is on the rise and people across the country are looking to adopt healthier lifestyles. Healthy Vending machines are one of the sources which can help consumers achieve healthier lifestyles. Lack of access to healthy food options and abundance of unhealthy food options in traditional vending machines hinders employees from obtaining a healthier lifestyle.Vending machines in companies which have limited access to food, can be the only source of food for their staff and visitors. Therefore we see more companies move toward healthy vending machines more than ever.

Seven Simple Steps to Implement Healthy Vending

1- Create a health committee

Find health-conscious individuals in your organization and ask them if they want to be a part of this health committee. Put this health committee in charge of the transition from junk food vending to healthy vending.

2- Educate your staff

Let your staff and clients know about the differences between healthy vending items and junk vending items. The more educated they are, the more they are willing to give up unhealthy habits. The following image is an example of the type of educational material you can create for your staff demonstration.

Healthy Vending Flyer

3- Run a Survey about Healthy Vending Options

Create a survey and ask your staff to participate. The result can determine what type of vending products they are interested in. Furthermore you can add additional questions to the survey such as, the price range, desired vending machine location, etc. . to further strengthen your assessment.

4- Write a Healthy Vending Policy

Review the survey and set up goals and enforceable and effective ways to achieve them within your organization.

5- Make Healthy Options Available

Now it is time to select a vending machine company which is aligned with your healthy vending policy and staff needs. There are many different factors in selecting an appropriate vending machine operator. For more information on this you may read our latest article on How to Choose a Vending Machine Company. This article provides you with helpful tips in selecting an appropriate vending operator.

6- Make Healthy Vending Options Affordable

Usually the least healthy vending options have the lowest price and the most compelling marketing. In order to encourage your staff and clients to purchase healthy vending products you can do the followings:
a- Always check with your vending machine company to make sure it is offering the most competitive prices.
b- Subsidize the price of healthy products as a part of your wellness program.

7- Eliminate Traditional Vending Machines

If you have any traditional vending machines, put in the effort to eliminate them in a timely manner. When your staff don’t have access to junk food, they will gradually adopt themselves to healthier vending options.
Creating a healthy environment at your workplace is an ongoing process and it requires your health committee’s consistent attention.

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