Is it time to let a vending Machine company in? Or are you not happy with your current vending machine operator and looking to replace it? As you may know, Southern California is home to many big names in the vending industry. Combination of these big companies and tens of smaller locals vending operators makes the process of choosing a vending machine company very confusing. Following we have summarized the most important factors you need to consider in choosing a local vending company.


Five Factors in Choosing a Vending Machine Company in Southern California

First, you need to know what type of vending solution you are looking for. Traditional vending, healthy vending or a mixture of both. Once you have your goals set, consider the following factors:

  1. Service

In real estate it is all about location, location and location. In vending industry it is all about service, service and service. Ask them how often they are going to service your vending machine. What is their response time? How quickly they will fix unforeseen issues with the machine and many more?  How often do they re-stock the machine? At the end of the day, even if you have the best vending machine in the industry in your location, it does not do you any good if it is out of stock the majority of time or not operating properly.

  1. Vending Machine

Make sure you know what type of vending machine is coming to your facility. Does it come with debit/credit card reader? Is the vending machine equipped with remote monitoring? What is the capacity of the machine? Is it equipped with mis-vend prevention technology?

  1. Vending Products

In vending industry no two locations are equal. Protein drinks may be a very good fit for a gym, but not as good for a warehouse. Make sure your vending machine company has access to variety of products and distributors. If they are only relying on Costco or Sam’s club as their main source of products, then you might have a limited variety of products to choose from. The right vending company will be a member of big distributing companies such as United Natural Food, Inc. (UNFI).

  1. Contract

Basically you do not want to tie yourself in a long term contract. A vending Machine company who believes in its service, would not try to lock you in a 10-year agreement. A legitimate vending company is confident in their service, machines and products they provide. Therefore, they are not afraid to lose their clients overtime.

  1. Healthy Vending Options

People across the Southern California are becoming more health conscious. When choosing a vending Machine company, make sure they have the proper healthy vending infrastructure just in case you decide to go down the healthy vending road.

Consequently with all that said, it is usually a better practice to choose a local company. They usually care about their community, know the local culture and go extra mile to secure their reputation for future. Big companies which are far from your area and use cold calling or other methods of marketing, usually refer you to a local vending machine company in Southern California. They work like a middle man.

If you need any further help in understanding new technologies in the vending industry or exploring new vending products, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in your new endeavor. We are a vending machine company in Southern California and ready to answer your questions and concerns.

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