In a small town on Idyllic Island of Sicily, plastic waste has become a common problem. That was what motivated a small group of Sicilian students to create My Promotion. My Promotion takes waste plastic and recycles them into a beautiful smartphone plastic cover.


This vending machine made this group of young Sicilian to win AXA Italy’s Social Impact Award.

Plastics waste from drink bottles are causing serious problems in Europe. There are many attempts made to educate people to recycle these bottles before ending up in landfills. But there is still a long way to go.

This vending machine interestingly will be able to help this problem to some extent in future. In addition to the award they have already received, a lot of inquiries for purchasing similar machine has emerged.

How Does Recycling Vending Machine Work?

This new vending machine is the front of a 3D printer and recycling unit. Simply people insert bottles into the vending machine. Then machine grinds the bottles down into pellets and then melts and recycles them into filament. This filament will be used to print different varieties of beautiful cell-phone covers. It is not a new technology but turning the whole idea into a vending machine has made it very interesting. Not to mention that everybody needs a cell-phone cover and it motivates user to recycle bottles.

No need to mention that printing smart-phone covers may take hours. For that reason the vending machine does not produce covers from exact same bottles which are fed to the machine. Covers are already made and the bottles inserted into vending machine will be used for the next batch of smart-phone covers.

The very first machine of this generation is made on a low budget, but it still offers 15 different selection of covers. In future and when additional funds pour in, the number of selections would increase accordingly.

This innovation by a group of students is a very first step in inviting vending machines to help recycling plastic wastes. This vending machine is made by a group of enthusiast students and for sure there is a lot of room for improvement.


Vending Machines will be Big News in Future

We will hear more and more about vending machines and new creative ways of serving humans; from pizza and meat vending machines to 3D printing.  For now we have to give thumbs up to Sicilian students and wait for the future innovative people to step in.

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