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As a service to our visitors from other state(outside of California), following you may find the contact information of our fellow vending machine operators across the county. We are not affiliated with any of these companies in any way, nor do we endorse their services. Use of any of the following services is at your sole discretion and the outcome of any transaction is between you and the vending machine. Please make up your own mind before hiring any locator service, and do not take the fact that they are listed on our website as any kind of an endorsement as to their services.

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Healthy Vending Machines in Schools

Nowadays, it is an obvious fact that a child in 2016 weighs more than a child in 1986. Have a quick look at a few obesity facts from Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to learn more about such unfortunate trends. – Childhood obesity has more than...
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Vending machine turns plastic wastes into cell-phone covers

In a small town on Idyllic Island of Sicily, plastic waste has become a common problem. That was what motivated a small group of Sicilian students to create My Promotion. My Promotion takes waste plastic and recycles them into a beautiful smartphone plastic cover....
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How to Implement Healthy Vending in Your Workplace

Obesity in the US is on the rise and people across the country are looking to adopt healthier lifestyles. Healthy Vending machines are one of the sources which can help consumers achieve healthier lifestyles. Lack of access to healthy food options and abundance of...
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The Anaheim Public Library has a book vending machine in ARTIC in Anaheim for the convenience of checking out books, turning them in and getting a library card. ARTIC is the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center.

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The Anaheim Public Library has a book vending machine in ARTIC in Anaheim for the convenience of checking out books, turning them in and getting a library card.

Exotic Vending Machine Services in Orange County

We are all familiar with traditional vending machines around us in schools, amusement parks, and libraries which simply vended snacks and drinks. Nowadays, with the progress of technology, we see different types of vending machine services emerging. In this new age,...
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How to Choose a Vending Machine Company in Southern California?

Is it time to let a vending Machine company in? Or are you not happy with your current vending machine operator and looking to replace it? As you may know, Southern California is home to many big names in the vending industry. Combination of these big companies and...
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Want Increased Productivity? Focus on Healthy Employees

You’ve heard the buzz. Healthy employees increase productivity. But is this true? Various surveys say yes. Here’s a look at the statistics and 7 healthy employee ideas any small business can incorporate to increase productivity. The Stats – Healthy...
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Obesity Rates Remain High

Obesity Rates & Trends Overview More than a third of adults (34.9 percent) were obese as of 2011 to 2012. More than two- thirds of adults were overweight or obese (68.6 percent). Nearly 40 percent of middle-aged adults, ages 40 to 59, were obese (39.5 percent),...
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Rethink Your Drink

When it comes to weight loss, there’s no lack of diets promising fast results. There are low-carb diets, high-carb diets, low-fat diets, grapefruit diets, cabbage soup diets, and blood type diets, to name a few. But no matter what diet you may try, to lose...
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